NHS Supply Chain Frameworks

Who are NHS Supplychain?

NHS Supply Chain manage the sourcing, delivery and supply of products to NHS Trusts and other healthcare organisations in England and Wales. Products are made available to these end users via purchasing ‘frameworks’ which are managed by NHS Supply Chain. HealthcareBids helps healthcare product companies to win places on relevant NHS Supply Chain frameworks.

To get started, all prospective suppliers need to contact the NHS Supply Chain ‘Supplier Relationship Management Team’.

How can we help your organisation

Contact us using this phone number and a member of our team will guide you through our processes and assess how we can help you.

How HealthcareBids can help you apply to a framework

For anyone new to the NHS Supply Chain process, the sheer volume of documents to review and procedures to navigate can be daunting.

We start by helping you to understand the requirements of the framework in which you are interested and the potential demand for your products. We simplify the complexities and guide you through the process, explaining the steps you will have to take – for example, the possibility of an e-auction or the need to pay for independent product tests – before a supplier is awarded a place on the framework.

We will explain the thinking behind particular demands and let you focus on negotiating the most competitive prices and delivery terms from your own suppliers and collating the necessary compliance certificates, accreditation proofs and other documentation for your submission.

We will produce a template to manage your submission as well as a project plan, which makes it easy to understand what you need to complete or produce and by when, to ensure you adhere to the timetable for your application. For example, if there is a need for samples of your product to be tested as part of the application, we will advise you of the timetable and any cost implications and manage that process on your behalf.

We will also manage the NHS Supply Chain procurement portal on your behalf, including writing and submitting clarification questions to address specific queries, monitoring for responses and distributing new information as it is posted.

Each framework requires applicants to complete detailed product questionnaires. Again, we will complete these on your behalf, working closely with your product teams to capture all the relevant details such as individual prices, manufacturer details including the number of production lines and product codes, initial set up times, delivery lead times etc.

Once all the questionnaires are complete and all supplementary documents have been sourced and checked, we will upload your submission to the NHS Supply Chain portal and confirm the successful submission by providing a detailed submission report.

NHS Supply Chain may ask you to clarify aspects of your submission and we will help you to interpret and respond to their requests, giving you the best possible chance of success.

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How HealthcareBids can help you apply to a framework

We will help you prepare an outstanding bid that demonstrates why you are best suited to win the contract. The bids we create regularly achieve the highest quality scores and deliver a superior success rate.

We will help you to drive organisational growth through bringing clear thinking, focus and direction to business development. We support both strategy setting and strategy implementation.

The insight HealthcareBids gains through working with you on a tender places us in an ideal position to provide a dedicated and experienced Project Manager to support your service mobilisation.

We will simplify the complexities of applying to a framework and guide you through the process, explaining every step and letting you focus on negotiating with your own suppliers and sourcing samples, certificates etc.

Get help with your bid or tender

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