Healthcare bid management and Healthcare bid writing

As a healthcare provider, you know that your operational and clinical staff have the detailed service knowledge and insights required to create a strong tender. However, you also know that no-one in your service teams is a trained for NHS bid writing. And all of your teams are at full stretch just delivering their ‘day jobs’. To develop a compelling bid response and to meet the tight deadlines typical of NHS and Local Authority tenders you may be looking for some help.

HealthcareBids has an impressive track record of success in NHS tender writing and NHS tender winning. For we our bid preparation services we will help you assemble the required information and craft it into structured, persuasive responses that answer every question comprehensively, address the service specification and make it easy for commissioners to understand your organisational strengths and the benefits you can bring to the contract.

We can work alongside an internal bid or business development team or we can manage the entire project in partnership with service teams, corporate support teams and other stakeholders.

How can we help your organisation

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Healthcare bid management support

Developing a winning healthcare tender within a few short weeks is always a challenge. Agreeing a service model, getting commitment from delivery partners, workforce modelling, financial modelling, writing responses, reviewing responses, getting sign-off, managing clarification questions, submitting the required documents – there is a lot to do!

We can provide an experienced bid manager to:

NHS Bid writing support

NHS tender writing services

For our specialist tender writing services, we have a team of highly experienced healthcare tender writers. They will have in-depth discussions with subject matter experts (SMEs) from your organisation and external delivery partners, probing and challenging to surface the detail required to answer every question fully and with conviction. Our bid writers will also develop any diagrams required including organisation charts, process flows and mobilisation Gantt charts.

Bid review process

Every response will be reviewed by one of our Directors before being sent to the relevant SME for first client review and then (after the writer has addressed any comments and suggestions) to your designated review team.

Our bid writers can work on every question in an NHS tender or can work alongside your internal bid team to provide additional resource or specific expertise. We can even just provide a ‘critical friend’ review of responses written by your own team, identifying where questions have not been fully answered or are inconsistent and highlighting opportunities to strengthen responses.

Preparing for an NHS bid or a Local Authority bid

Given the very short turnaround time for NHS and Local Authority healthcare tenders, advance preparation can be extremely valuable. This is especially true for ‘critical path’ activities which can hold up other elements of the bid, such as service design and delivery partner engagement but also holds for pulling together the collateral and documents you are likely to need. We can help you to identify, prioritise and action pre-tender tasks, saving you precious time during the response window.

We will help you prepare an outstanding bid that demonstrates why you are best suited to win the contract. The bids we create regularly achieve the highest quality scores and deliver a superior success rate.

We will help you to drive organisational growth through bringing clear thinking, focus and direction to business development. We support both strategy setting and strategy implementation.

The insight HealthcareBids gains through working with you on a tender places us in an ideal position to provide a dedicated and experienced Project Manager to support your service mobilisation.

We will simplify the complexities of applying to a framework and guide you through the process, explaining every step and letting you focus on negotiating with your own suppliers and sourcing samples, certificates etc.

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