Children’s services tender

Sector: Community health
Client: Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust
Services provided: Bid management, bid writing

Background and Benefits Delivered

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust has delivered the 0-19 children’s service in Hampshire for over 20 years. In 2019, the existing contract was coming to an end and the service was due to be re-tendered. With internal resources already working on several other important tenders, the Trust decided to engage external support and issued their own tender for bid support. HealthcareBids responded and was successful in securing the work. In the words of Ginny Taylor, the Deputy Director of Operations for the Trust’s Children and Family Services:

“When we looked at HealthcareBids and the examples of previous bids managed we could see the potential for a successful relationship. We also liked the assurance we were given about capacity and the direct support from the company owners. HealthcareBids had what we needed; the right energy, enthusiasm, professionalism, assurance and experience.”

Project summary

HealthcareBids managed every element of the bid process from planning the timeline and working in partnership with Southern Health’s experts to define each aspect of the service delivery model in detail, to developing responses which showcased the Trust’s abilities and managing the bid review process.

Responses tackled several significant challenges highlighted in the tender documents including:

  • Forecast growth in the 0-19 population across Hampshire
  • A rising incidence of vulnerabilities such as child obesity, long term conditions and self-harm
  • Heightened demand for specialist interventions such as neonatal and postnatal intensive care and paediatric emergency services
  • Significant budget pressures.

Responses also aligned with key principles stressed by commissioners:

  • Empowering families to take responsibility for their own health
  • Safeguarding and keeping children and families at the centre of the service
  • Prevention, early intervention and managing demand
  • Integration with other services
  • Realising efficiencies including through digital technology


The tender we produced with Southern Health was rated very highly by commissioners, scoring full marks for all but one response. We were delighted when commissioners announced that Southern Health had successfully retained the contract. Ginny Taylor again:

“Through using HealthcareBids there was a clear improvement in our bid process. They asked the right questions to help us see exactly what the commissioners were looking for and which aspects of our service needed to be highlighted. I believe it was a true partnership, we worked well together, Sue was delightful and a true pleasure to work with.”

We will help you prepare an outstanding bid that demonstrates why you are best suited to win the contract. The bids we create regularly achieve the highest quality scores and deliver a superior success rate.

We will help you to drive organisational growth through bringing clear thinking, focus and direction to business development. We support both strategy setting and strategy implementation.

The insight HealthcareBids gains through working with you on a tender places us in an ideal position to provide a dedicated and experienced Project Manager to support your service mobilisation.

We will simplify the complexities of applying to a framework and guide you through the process, explaining every step and letting you focus on negotiating with your own suppliers and sourcing samples, certificates etc.

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